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137056-72-5 | 3β[N-(N',N'-Dimethylaminoethane)-carbamoyl]cholesterol

3β[N-(N',N'-Dimethylaminoethane)-carbamoyl]cholesterol 98% Min.

CAS Number : 137056-72-5

Molecular Formula : C29H51ClN2O2 | Molecular Weight : 495.18 | MDL Number : MFCD00467173

Synonyms : DC-Chol

Liposome Reagent: Small liposomes could be easily prepared with mixtures of DC-Chol and 1,2-dioleoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphorylethanolamine by sonification. These liposomes are very efficient in mediating the transfection of pUCSV2CAT plasmid DNA into four different types of cultured mammalian cells.

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Chemical Name 3β[N-(N',N'-Dimethylaminoethane)-carbamoyl]cholesterol
CAS Number 137056-72-5
MDL Number MFCD00467173
Molecular Formula C29H51ClN2O2
Molecular Weight 495.18
Synonyms DC-Chol
Purity 98% Min.
Storage -20 ± 5 ºC
*The above information is for reference only.
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