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66701-25-5 | L-trans-Epoxysuccinyl-Leu-4-guanidinobutylamide

L-trans-Epoxysuccinyl-Leu-4-guanidinobutylamide 98% Min.

CAS Number : 66701-25-5

Molecular Formula : C15H29N5O6 | Molecular Weight : 375.42 | MDL Number : MFCD13184332

Synonyms : E-64;L-trans-Epoxysuccinyl-Leu-agmatine

Most commonly used diagnostic inhibitor for the characterization of cysteine proteinases. Originally isolated from cultures of Aspergillus japonicus, E64 is a non-competitive, irreversible inhibitor of thiol proteinases of the papain and calpain families.

SKU : MC436998

Chemical Name L-trans-Epoxysuccinyl-Leu-4-guanidinobutylamide
CAS Number 66701-25-5
MDL Number MFCD13184332
Molecular Formula C15H29N5O6
Molecular Weight 375.42
Synonyms E-64;L-trans-Epoxysuccinyl-Leu-agmatine
Purity 98% Min.
Storage -20 ± 5 ºC
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