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About Molcore

MolCore specializes in developing, producing, and marketing raw materials for medicine, pharmaceutical intermediates, and fine chemical products. Our services also include Contract Research Organization (CRO), Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO), process development, and customized synthesis, providing comprehensive solutions from research to commercial manufacturing.

Our mission is to accelerate your processes through continuous technological innovation.

We have a professional team comprised of young, experienced, and enthusiastic members who are talented individuals in this industry. Additionally, we are equipped with advanced experimental facilities and leading technology for developing new medicines.

Since our founding, we have always insisted on combining production, research, and development. We collaborate with domestic renowned universities and laboratories to develop new products. Furthermore, we maintain close partnerships with several internationally well-known enterprises to gradually expand our raw material medicine business into overseas markets.

We provide professional services and technology, offering personalized purchasing solutions to our customers as part of a comprehensive package.