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119062-05-4 | Fmoc-Asp-OH

Fmoc-Asp-OH 98% Min.

CAS Number : 119062-05-4

Molecular Formula : C19H17NO6 | Molecular Weight : 355.34 | MDL Number : MFCD00237654

The oxazolidinone obtained from Fmoc-Asp-OH, paraformaldehyde and TosOH as catalyst has been converted into Dap derivatives, β-diazomethyl ketones, N-glycosylated Asn, and N'-glycosylated Dap Nβ-ureas. Heating in acetanhydride yields the cyclic anhydride which could be converted rather regioselectively into the β-anilide with o-anisidine and into N-glycosylated Asn with protected glycosylamines in DMSO.

SKU : MC437111

Chemical Name Fmoc-Asp-OH
CAS Number 119062-05-4
MDL Number MFCD00237654
Molecular Formula C19H17NO6
Molecular Weight 355.34
Purity 98% Min.
Storage RT
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