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1198791-73-9 | Fmoc-D-Cys(4-methoxytrityl)-OH

Fmoc-D-Cys(4-methoxytrityl)-OH 98% Min.

CAS Number : 1198791-73-9

Molecular Formula : C38H33NO5S | Molecular Weight : 615.74 | MDL Number : MFCD02094091

Synonyms : Fmoc-D-Cys(Mmt)-OH

4-Methoxytrityl (Mmt) is a very acid sensitive cysteine protecting group that can selectively be removed by 0.5 - 1.0% TFA in the presence of protecting groups of the t-butyl type and S-Trt. It can be used in the solid-phase synthesis of cysteine-containing peptides, and further to selectively protect a thiol function in order to introduce a labeling group.

SKU : MC437203

Chemical Name Fmoc-D-Cys(4-methoxytrityl)-OH
CAS Number 1198791-73-9
MDL Number MFCD02094091
Molecular Formula C38H33NO5S
Molecular Weight 615.74
Synonyms Fmoc-D-Cys(Mmt)-OH
Purity 98% Min.
Storage -20 ± 5 ºC
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