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200336-86-3 | Fmoc-Asp(2-phenylisopropyl ester)-OH

Fmoc-Asp(2-phenylisopropyl ester)-OH 98% Min.

CAS Number : 200336-86-3

Molecular Formula : C28H27NO6 | Molecular Weight : 473.52 | MDL Number : MFCD00237012

Synonyms : Fmoc-Asp(OPp)-OH;Fmoc-Asp(O-2-PhiPr)-OH

An aspartic acid derivative allowing specific side chain deprotection with 1% TFA in dichloromethane. Ocampo et al. applied OPp protection during the synthesis of a peptide-oligonucleotide conjugate and cleaved it with 3% trichloroacetic acid in DCM. <br> The OPp derivative is far less prone towards base-catalyzed aspartimide formation than the OAll, OBzl, or ODmab esters, its stability comes close to the stability of the OtBu ester.

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Chemical Name Fmoc-Asp(2-phenylisopropyl ester)-OH
CAS Number 200336-86-3
MDL Number MFCD00237012
Molecular Formula C28H27NO6
Molecular Weight 473.52
Synonyms Fmoc-Asp(OPp)-OH;Fmoc-Asp(O-2-PhiPr)-OH
Purity 98% Min.
Storage -20 ± 5 ºC
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